Chairman's Message

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Shri. Hari Ram Jindal

Chairman (Rattan Lal Jindal Educational Trust)

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. All power is within you; You can do anything and everything. Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached. The secret of life is not enjoyment but education through experience. You are the creator of your own destiny.” Swami Vivekananda.

School is merely the fecilitator of creating the right and positive thoughts and attitude in building an individual who is healthy in mind and body. An individual who will contribute into transforming a society wherein every mortal is happy, healthy, skilled and safe with the right values and principles.

With shrinking boundries and merging cultures, we are commited to provide an atmosphere to transform every indidual into an upright citizen of his country. Let every student experiment with his abilities and learn to decipher the best for him or her.
The right proportion of academics, sports, entertainment and fun moulds a happy and satisfied child who aspires for a world that has given him the same.

Let us be the cradle of creating righteous, intelligent and creative scholars who can be masters of their own destiny.